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responding to the growing crisis. all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning september 14th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic. can you guess what steve paulson is going to say about the weather? >> i hope so. she's been here for a half hour today. >> i've been listening. >> we do have a little bit more fog. and a slightly cooler pattern. if you are far enough away it's still warm to hot. a few high clouds especially toward the north. 50s to low 90s. northbound 880 at high street just beyond this picture. there is an overturned vehicle. no one was seriously injured. however one of the lanes is blocked. it is so early and so light we may avehicle code a bo -- we may avoid a potential trouble spot. 5:00 let's go back to the desk.
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happening right now pg&e crews busy trying to get the power back on in one hayward neighborhood. the power is out on campus drive after an out of control car smashed into a power pole. ktvu tara moriarty is there. you've seen the damage. what is going on? >> reporter: this intersection here we're at highland and campus is closed all the way down to campus and oaks until probably between 2:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. that's the update we just got from pg&e workers here. there are still wires in the roadway but the fuse box is activated. the good news the wires have been deenergized. here's what happened about 1:00 in the morning a woman was driving here. her mini van crashed into a utility pole. the pole fell snagging high voltage wires knocking out electricity to 12-20 homes nearby. the woman kept driving
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disoriented but she stopped. >> the amount of damage to the vehicle. >> reporter: now police wouldn't confirm if the woman was arrested for dui but she was taken into custody. she was not injured. we're about a block from cal state university east bay campus and very close to east avenue elementary school. if you are driving kids off, you will be experiencing some delays. crews say if this driver actually they say she hit a smaller isolated part of the line that was protected and activate the fuses. if she hit a pole up the road about 3,000 people would have been without power. that is the silver lining in all of this. crews have just arrived. they have a lot of cones. they will be setting up shop here. they are going to be actually i've been told taking removing the bottom portion of the pole. that has snapped off into the ground. they have to take that up out of the ground and replace it with another one. this is a very lengthy process. crews do expect to be out here
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until well into the afternoon. live in hayward i'm tara moriarty. a high speed chase ended last night with vallejo police opening fire on a suspect right outside a pleasant hill elementary school. the incident began in vallejo just before 8:00 last night. detectives tried to pull over a truck as part of a criminal investigation but the driver sped off. officers chased him to concord and then on to pleasant hill. the truck eventually crashed into some poles outside fair oaks elementary school. >> the driver ran out of the car, made a gesture to the officer and fired one shot at him. they were taken into custody. >> reporter: so there were shots fired? >> yes. >> one shot fired. no one was hit. the driver and passenger were arrested on charges including evading police. time is 5:03. continuing coverage now the protests and all the violence in the middle east. security extremely tight in joe emand other countries.
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the president of egypt is calling for calm as demonstrators fought with police near the american embassy in cairo. american officials are bracing for more anti-american protests over that controversial movie that attacked the profit mohammed. meantime four people have been arrested in libya in connection with the attack on the american consulate in benghazi. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other american were killed in that attack. u.s. warships are heading to the coast of libya and several marines have been deployed as well. coming up for you at 5:15 we will take you live to the washington, d.c. bureau. we'll get the latest on a british report that the obama administration has been denying. new video of a strip mall fire in antioch. investigators say an arsonist may be responsible for this.
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it happened on l street and sycamore drive at 10:45 last night. firefighters think someone set a rooftrees behind the stores on fire. the fire spread to one of the stores. no one was hurt. no arrests have been made. firefighters are also investigating another fire that happened about a block away. we also have new information on a fire that has forced classes to be canceled at a school in menlo park. ktvu channel 2 reporter lorraine blanco is at beachwood elementary with more on what investigators discovered about the building. >> reporter: pam, the menlo park fire chief says the building that burnt down yesterday didn't have a monitored fire alarm system or sprinkler system in place. you can see this morning the administration building is just a pile of burnt stuff. now the fire here at beachwood elementary or i should say beachwood school started before 4:00 a.m. yesterday and took more than three hours to get under
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control. these types of buildings are supposed to temporary buildings so they don't need fire sprinklers. it started in the teachers break room because of a electric skull stove. because of the flimsy structure of the building, the roof collapsed and the walls buckled in. making it necessary to bring in a military motor vehicle and excavator to get the fire underneath it. we are told the school has been using these modular trailers since 1986. as of yesterday they planned to reopen those classrooms on monday. live in menlo park lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:06. in san francisco service rattings for muni has gone down in the past six months. one problem slow buses. the san francisco municipal
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transportation agency says muni has 50% on time performance in august. that compares to 53% in march. muni blames the crop on shortages of bus drivers and number of employees that have been calling in sick a lot. 5:is the time. let's check in with sal. you were talking about a crash last time right? >> that is right. fortunately no one was injured. northbound 880 at high street. car flipped over. person got out without injuries. let's go outside and take a look at the east shore which is getting busier as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems here as well. we are starting off pretty good here on friday. bay bridge toll plaza lighter well it's light because it's friday and also light because it's early getting into san francisco. if you are driving in san jose, that looks good getting up to highway 17. now at 5:07 now back to steve.
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thank you, sal. we had anywhere upper 50s and 60s to 90s. it does look a little cooler today. and some high clouds. my buddy john says i was in vallejo and noticed those high clouds. yes there were a few up there. sinking air though high pressure has been over us. it looks like it will weaken today. 80s and 90s by the coast. no change. really. only santa cruz is the few to break through the 50s. 53-62. 53 santa rosa. so 52 in the city. some temperatures were cool. mountain view is 59. west, southwest 21. yesterday at this time it was 8. it looks like the fog is lifting a little bit. around 900 feet yesterday. today it's over 1,000. 60s for some. 70s and 80s. maybe down three to five degrees if we can keep that sea breeze going. overall very quiet pattern.
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fog, sun, cool to hot. by the coast cool, bay, nice and mild. 60s for some. 70s and 80s now. livermore was 96. unbelievable. today we will go 91. concord 86. santa rosa 78. it looks loos like a lot of mid to upper 70s. a little cooler saturday into sunday and kind of keep it there early next week. >> thank you. time now 5:08 why parents in antioch are being warned. something happened near a school. plus a close call far man that had to back his car away from a burning electrical wire. the reason things could have been worse. good morning. northbound 880 so far so good despite a crash that is up the roadblocking the lane. we'll tell you what is happening in oakland. good morning! wow.
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welcome back to the county v channel -- ktvu channel 2 morning news. a dangerous situation. now the wire fell down and started a fire near businesses yesterday. the road had to be blocked off and power was disconnected. but fortunately no one was hurt. also this morning japan announced its plans to stop using nuclear power by the next two decades. japan is recovering from last
5:13 am
years earthquake and tsunami. fearing more nuclear disasters only two of japan's 50 reactors are currently operational. back here at home california energy operators are preparing for another summer without the use of a major power source the santa knowfully nuclear power plant has been shut down since january the plant is located between los angeles and san diego counties. it serves southern orange county and san diego county. >> new reports about whether the united states has early warnings about the attack in libya. the one that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other embassy workers. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with an alarming report suggesting the u.s. should have done more to protect them. alison. >> reporter: first, dave, u.s. embassies around the world today are bracing for more
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protests and violence. the british newspaper the independent is reporting the u.s. state department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in benghazi but no warnings were given to diplomats there. four americans were killed in the attack. including chris stevens. california senator dianne feinstein says investigations are under way into the man that made the antiislamic film that has sparked such a furry. >> concerning the individual who did this very obnoxious 12 minute preview of some very stupid movie and wrong headed movie. and he may well not be who he is claimed to be either. >> reporter: politico reports this morning u.s. officials are flatly denying there were any advanced warnings of possible strikes. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel
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2 news. time is 5:14. police in antioch are telling parents remind your kids to be aware of surroundings after a recent incident. a teenage girl told the police a man tried to lure her into his car. police say they are investigating this. they say they have talked to the man so far no arrests have been made. a bicyclist accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian in san francisco's castro district earlier this year is scheduled to appear in court this morning. police say wii was walking in the crosswalk with the green light when he was hit. he later died at the hospital. a hearing is scheduled this morning for a san jose man suspected of killing a homeless woman with a sword. 37-year-old reynolds is accused of stabbing a woman outside a
5:16 am
walgreens pharmacy on west san carlos street last month. reynolds has a criminal record including domestic battery. the week that has been called oakland loves its sports team week is coming to a close now. today oakland mayor gene quan will be the a's game. last night a fundraiser was held at ricky's sports bar in san leandro. it's part of a big campaign to get the a's, raiders, and warriors in oakland. a los gatos duo is being praised for a music video that took them several months to make. >> now this is dream music part two by mark donahue and shawn michael williams. six to eight hours of work went into every three to four seconds you see here.
5:17 am
this video was filmed all over the bay area. believe it or not it has almost two million views on youtube. make sure you check out videos like that one and many more local stories with a new free ktvu ipad app. you can watch all of our newscasts live plus get drive time traffic, bay area weather, and get video of breaking news any time, anywhere. 5:16 is the time. right now we want to get a look at traffic this morning. sal. >> all right pam and dave. good morning, once again. we are off to a decent start. even that crash on 880 has not caused any significant delay on 880 past the coliseum. there is a little bit of slow traffic passing high street because one of the lanes is blocked. i'm surprised it hasn't become worse and i'm happy about that too. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this traffic looks good. if you are driving this morning
5:18 am
on nimitz freeway southbound from hayward to union city that traffic is off to a nice start. looking good on the san mateo and on the dumbarton bridge. 5:17 here is steve. >> looking good, feeling good, sal. >> you know it. >> yes, sir. happy friday everybody. we do have trading places by the way. [ laughter ] we have higher clouds moving into the north. no big deal. a little higher. that will shave off a couple degrees. there is a stronger sea breeze. temperatures coming down a little bit. brandon over in pacifica steve cold cold when is summer going to arrive? it doesn't look like it. 50s on the temps to low 60s. although livermore is running a couple degrees cooler at this time. so is fairfield. it looks like two to four to three to five degrees cooler. yesterday at this time he was
5:19 am
eight miles an hour. also -- 60s and 70s and 80s or very, very low 90s. unless for some if you are well inland. pattern is changing. high pressure will settle in up toward vancouver and seattle. fog, sun, cool for some. a little cooler with that westerly breeze kicking in. still upper 80s and 90s for some. a lot of 70s. napa 79. 91 livermore. 73 hayward. you are getting big spreads here in areas that are not too far apart. 81 san jose. 81 cupertino. a lot of upper 70s. peninsula, wood side in there. 67 san bruno. and really kind of cool in the city as well. little a cooler for inland temps. world markets are rallying this morning.
5:20 am
right now most of the major market indexes across europe are up 2-3%. overnight japan's nikkei rose nearly 2%. foreign investors are optimistic now that the federal reserve announced it would try to boost the u.s. economy by pumping $40 million into the economy. checking in on our numbers the futures also indicate a higher opening again this morning. following a very good day after that announcement. although some who have been in the business for a long time are not so sure about bernanke's moves. the dow jones gained 200 points. the nasdaq and s & p also up. futures indicate a pretty good opening as well. after nearly 60 years in san francisco visa headquarters is getting ready to move its last 100 employees to foster city. visa got its start back in the
5:21 am
9150s -- 1950s as bank aimerric card. a san francisco firefighter in the fight of her life. >> my biggest fear is leaving my children alone without a mother. >> the life threatening illness she has and while she is fighting with the city over sick bay. and the uninvited guest that went from pool to pool in los angeles. what does fall smell like?
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welcome back to the county v channel -- ktvu channel 2 morning news. talk a look add that swimming pool. a black bear wondered into a neighborhood last night. he probably was hot because he was going from backyard to backyard taking dips in people's swimming pool. several people notified police. officers taped the area off. they did chase the bear around until he headed back up into the hills. san francisco is passing the -- to property owners but the examiner reports that supervisors scott weiner believes the city should do
5:25 am
more. he says it's unacceptable the recreation and parks department prunes a tree on average once every 50 years. funding could come from a parcel tax between $60-90 a year. firefighters save lives every day. now one san francisco firefighter is trying to save her own life but it's coming with a big fight. about six months ago janette rivera was diced with breast cancer. she is without sick leave. she is using her savings to support her and her two children. the fire department is willing to donate sick time but was denied by the city claiming this is not a life threatening illness. >> so if it doesn't get taken care of, it can kill me. this will all be about fighting. i thought this is what we have to do now is fight. fight so i can get my paycheck. >> ktvu contacted the
5:26 am
department of public health. they told us they are not allowed to talk about personnel matters. firefighter says she plans to appeal that decision. life like arts from around the world are on display in san francisco. it's part of the annual sir rammics of art show. organizers say it's the only event of its kind in the united states. the goal of the exhibit is to encourage education and greater understanding of the arts. the exhibit will be on display through sunday. right now 5:26. i want to check in with sal for a look at traffic. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good, pam. traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. starting in the south bay this time with northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic is looking good with no major problems. also the morning excites good on 680 the traffic looks good all the way down to the san to steve. sal, thank you. what we do have is a bigger fog bank and a little stronger sea
5:27 am
breeze. it will be a little cooler today. some of that fog is starting to work its way inland. west, southwest. time now is 5:26. family and friends are mourning four killed in libya. the details we are learning about their past service to the united states. a police chase starts in pleasant hill starts in vallejo and ends up here in pleasant hill. we will tell you why and why one officer fired his weapon. it will be several hours before the lights come back on in one hayward neighborhood. what caused the power to go out overnight.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it is friday. >> no. >> yes. i wouldn't kid you, pam. it's friday, september 14th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. steve and i were just talking about a little extra sleep on sad morning would be nice. >> that wasn't what we were talking about but it would be nice. dave and pam we do have on this friday morning a little stronger sea breeze. temperatures will be cooler today. a few high clouds continues to paint themselves toward the north bay, mendocino county, lake county. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. it does look a little cooler inland. here is sal. highway 4 looks pretty good as you drive up to the willow
5:31 am
pass grade. this is a look at marin county. southbound 101 traffic looks good in novato to san rafael. let's go back to the desk. right now the power is still out at one neighborhood in hayward. a car crashed on campus drive just hours ago. smashed into a power pole, knocked the power out. ktvu tara moriarty has been there since 4:30. pg&e is trying to fix things. what is is going on tara? >> reporter: environmental services crews arrived a half hour ago. they will work on trying to mop up oil that spilled from one of the transformers. this intersection here at highland and campus will be closed all the way down to campus and oaks until roughly 2:00 to 3:00. now here is what happened. and we do want to mention there is at least $15,000 worth of damage. around 1:00 in the morning a woman driving a gold mini van crashed into a utility pole.
5:32 am
the pole fell snagging high voltage wires. now witnesses say the woman kept driving after the crash disoriented but she did eventually stop. >> sox we heard the popping noise, the power went out. we made our way to the front of the house to figure out what was going on. >> i saw the pole fell. i wasn't about to get close to the wires. >> reporter: police would not confirm if the woman was arrested for dui but she was taken into custody unharmed. we are one block from the east bay campus and east elementary school. live from hayward i'm tara moriarty. time now 5:32. overnight news police fired shots near an elementary school in pleasant hill. claudine wong is there in pleasant hill with details about a high speed chase that ended with a vallejo firing
5:33 am
those shots. >> reporter: it started as an investigative stop. we are in front of fair oaks elementary school which is a half mile off the freeway. if you take a look at this roundabout on the left side there are three poles that are knocked down. that is what happened when the car went crashing into those poles. i want to show you what it looked like last night when this scene was very active. it was about 7:45 when this all starletted in vallejo. police telling us it started as a stop that detectives had identified this vehicle. they tried to pull it over. the vehicle would not pull over. got on the 780 and then the 680 got on and off the freeway over in concord and got off on monoewe until the boulevard about a half a mile and eed up here. now it didn't end there when they stopped here. >> crashed into a protective
5:34 am
car. >> there were two male drivers. the driver ran out of the car and made a gesture at the officer and the fire shot at him. >> reporter: as you heard the police officer said that one of the suspects made a gesture that caused the vallejo police officer to fire his weapon. that shot did not hit anyone. and then the two men were arrested. we do not have identities on the two men that were taken into custody. we are hearing reports these were drugs and weapons related investigations that led them to the vehicle. the contra costa times reports drugs were recovered. we knew they threw evidence out during the chase and the report is that they recovered drugs. did they recover any weapons? as far as we know they have not. live here in pleasant hill claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. now to our continuing coverage of the chaos in the
5:35 am
middle east where u.s. officials are bracing for more than anti-american protests today. we want to take you live to cairo, egypt where we have been watchingth situation unfold. what you are looking at is the military they have constructed a temporary wall near the u.s. em pa city where demonstrations continue. riot police have been using tear gas to keep large crowds from advancing. muslims you can see protestors are still out there as well. muslims are calling for a peaceful protest against the controversial film that sparked this violence. that there have been protests in yemen, afghanistan, and iraq. meantime libyan officials have released information on the attack. the attack killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. u.s. warships are heading to the coast of libya. a group of marines has also been deployed. we are learning more about the three other americans that were killed in libya. two of them were navy seals that lived in san diego county.
5:36 am
41-year-old tyrone woods and former seal glen doritty was on detail at the consulate. and al qaeda is showing a video of an american man being held hostage. he is pleading help from his family. what else he wants them to do and how it could effect the presidential election. our time is 5:36. investigation into an oakland hills house fire continues this morning. it happened on norfolk road around 6:00 last night. the flames broke out in the basement. some of the nearby anybodies were worried their houses were built where the homes were destroyed. the inner of the house says he's happy no one was home at the time. >> certain my kids are safe.
5:37 am
all five animals are safe. nothing else matters. >> firefighters say this is a hard fire to fight because the flames made it into the walls. there is new information this morning about the chevron refinery fire in richmond last month. the city and air regulators is saying six air monitoring stations chevron agreed to install in 2010 were not in place. officials say that caused slow warnings about how the air was being polluted by that fire. chevron claims there was not a definite schedule for when they needed to be installed. a fallen chp officer was hailed as a hero and loving father to his four children. >> law enforcement from across the country packed the vacaville mission church to
5:38 am
remember officer kenyon youngstrom. they brought his casket to the podium yesterday. those attending governor jerry brown and kamala harris. >> he loved to smile. i think what he loved even more was making people smile. you know that was like his hobby. >> this isn't the end. we get to see that smiling face and goofy laugh. we get to see it all in heaven. >> youngstrom's niece plans to honor him by joining the chp academy. officer youngstrom was gunned down in traffic stop. his partner killed the gunman. during yesterday's service he called youngstrom a brother. in just about 30 minutes ago hundreds of runners took off from san francisco to kick off 24 hour relay race. part of its second annual rag never napa race. the first teams will leave from
5:39 am
the marie that green park. time now 5:38. we'll see how the cars are running in our commute. everything up and running? >> it is. but we have a little glitch in oakland. 880 there is a crash there. the traffic has not backed up to the coliseum which it would have if it would have been later in the morning or props on a tuesday or wednesday. but it's friday and sometimes the commute is a little lighter. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. same thing goes. it is light. no problems getting on to the bridge. the metering lights they have on the toll plaza are not on. they usually don't come on until 6:15 and sometimes on
5:40 am
friday they don't come on at all. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, this traffic looks good heading south to the san mateo bridge turn you. let's go to steve steve. thank you. happy friday. a few will move toward the north. high pressure built in but still no north, northeast wind. it's still a westerly breeze. so inland warm to hot, foggy, cool by the coast. nice between with 60s and 70s and 80s. it does look a little cooler today. overnight lows are running a slight two to four degrees cooler. there is no doubt about it sea breeze. yesterday was everything was less than eight miles an hour. so that is a pretty good sign things will start to cool down a little bit. still if you are well away 90s for some. 60s closer to the beaches. it's a tall order to get out of the 60. unless you are out toward santa
5:41 am
cruz. few high clouds. pressure pattern is changing. for us it just means night, morning low clouds and fog. mostly sunny. warm to hot away from the coast. still school by it with 60s and 70s. a little cooler. there is a stronger westerly breeze. unless that collapses. temperatures definitely coming down inland. still 60s to 90s. it's a tall order. 60s and 70s by the waters edge. 72 santa cruz. santa clara 80. mountain view is in there. palo alto 78. 67 san bruno. cooler weather will take us into the weekend. it does look like a quiet pattern for us as we go forward. twitter is facing a legal deadline today. the reason it's being ordered to turn over sweets from a member of the occupy movement. also how the violence in the middle east is now at the heart of the race for the white
5:42 am
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nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar. good morning, a hit stronger sea breeze out to the delta and that west wind should equal a little cooler weather. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are follows for you. british newspaper claiming the state department has credible information 48 hours before mobs attacked the u.s. consulate in libya. the obama administration denies that. those attacks killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. back here at home arson
5:45 am
suspected in antioch after a strip mall fire. it started behind a row of stores on l street and sycamore drive. firefighter were also investigating a row of fire that happened a block away. pg&e is trying to get the power back on in a hayward neighborhood after a car crashed into a power pole. this happened about 1:00 this morning on campus drive. the driver was taken into custody. new this morning two earthquakes probably woke up some people near eureka. 3.2 magnitude quake and 4.5 hit just about an hour ago. they were just four minutes apart. so far no reports of any damages or injuries. let us know if you're up in that area. it's the second plea this week from an american aid worker kidnapped by al qaeda. >> i would like to make an appeal to the republican candidate to see if they would work and put pressure on president obama.
5:46 am
>> 71-year-old warren weinstein seemed to ask mitt romney for help in convincing the american government to negotiate his release. he asked israeli prime minister for help in a separate video released earlier this week. weinstein was abducted in pakistan a year ago. time now 5:45. violence in the middle east. major part of the race for the white house. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is trying to turn the turmoil over there to his advantage as he and president obama debate and argue over political relations. >> as we watch the world today, sometimes it seems that we're at the mercy of events instead of shaping events. and a strong america is essential to shape events. >> i want people around the world to hear me to all those that would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunnished. >> now debate on foreign policy is scheduled for october 22nd. that is two weeks before the elections. chicago teachers are on strike for a fifth day today.
5:47 am
negotiators spent all day yesterday trying to reach an agreement and end the strikes. now the school district says the two sides have made some progress on teacher evaluations which is one of the main sticking points. the union president says she hopes students can be back in class on monday. harvard's president say student athletes are not solely to blame for a cheating scandal at the ivy league university. the school says more than 100 students they have shared answers on an open book take home final. reportedly two student athletes have temporary withdrawn in the wake of scandal. harvard's president says no academic compromise has been made. lieutenant gavin newsom will be joining the stop bullying summit. the goal bringing together local, state, and federal leaders to create a safer
5:48 am
environment for students. 44% of san francisco middle schoolers were bullied last near. yesterday about 3,000 middle and high school students watched a documentary called bullying. and san francisco mayor ed lee was among those in the crowd watching that documentary. the aclu has obtained new documents that show the fbi closely monitored the activities of occupy oakland. the reports include an alert issued before last years shut down. now the aclu wants more access to more documents. later today twitter is expected to hand over tweets from an occupy wall street protestor to a judge in new york. that protestor was one of hundreds arrested at the brooklyn bridge last october. twitter has been fighting a subpoena about this for months. they want those tweets which are no longer online in an
5:49 am
effort to attack the protestors claims that police led demonstrators on the bridges roadway only to arrest them for blocking traffic. 5:48. we want to go back over to sal to check in on traffic this morning. >> yeah we had that crash in oakland on 880 northbound. it surprised me we didn't have a bigger backup. the freeway looks pretty good. the accident ended up being closer to 29. it was a car that flipped over. now it's just a tow truck matter and they are getting it out of the way. it hasn't caused a big backup which is good. if you want to be ultra safe and don't want to see any wisp of a backup at all use 580. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 this traffic looks pretty good as you head out to the high-rise. also this morning we are looking at the san jose area. 101, 87, 85 all those freeways still looking very nice on this early friday morning. it's 5:49 let's go to steve.
5:50 am
thank you, sir. very good morning. expect for a few high clouds. inland temps still warm to hot. not as hot as yesterday. sea breeze has definitely cranked up. a lot of fog by the coast. 60s there for most. very, very low 70s by santa cruz. i mean very low. clearing around the bay and fair skies inland. 160 holding on. that is at antioch. 57 fairfield. livermore is close 59. a lot of mid 50s. west, southwest 21 that is a pretty good push compared to yesterday. things are picking up in the cooler department. still we will get a big difference in the temps. anywhere from 50s to 60s and 90s. looks like the pattern is starting to cool down. system will knock the ridge high pressure down. that will lose its grip. little cooler westerly breeze. cool for some. hot for others. still 90s showing up. a lot of 70s and 80s.
5:51 am
petaluma 77. walnut creek 85. 91 livermore. there were 96 yesterday. sunnyvale is in there. saratoga at 85. 70s on the peninsula for most or low 70s. 50s and 60s closer to the coast and in the city. cooler weather takes over for inland areas. probably level off on sunday and just subtle changes monday and tuesday. some new economic reports just came out within the last 20 minutes. the commerce department says u.s. retail sales rose .9% in august. outside vehicle and gas sales rose .1%. consumer prices up .6%. that is the first increase since march. higher gas prices accounted for 80%. now a major makeover for usa today is on its 30th birthday. they now have a new logo plus
5:52 am
more graphics and photos in its article. users will flip through pages rather than click on links. usa today is america's second largest newspaper. the redesigned newspaper is out today. southwest airlines announced a $10 air fare hike on round flights. southwest cited higher fuel cost for the hike. american, delta, jet blue, and virgin america also matched those increases. all right pam 5:52. it's literally like having a bomb in the bathroom. the reason some toilets may explode. how the pressure is on to put the lid on high pressure toilets. she's the future queen of england and she is topless. the new way kate middleton is making headlines.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
good morning. expect for higher clouds it will still be mostly sunny and warm to hot. anywhere from 50s to low 90s. time now 5:55. mass evacuations in guatemala because of this an erupting volcano. 33,000 people in 17 villages are told to get out. this volcano erupted near ann
5:56 am
toga early yesterday afternoon. this is the sixth time that volcano erupted this year. in england the british royal family threatening to sue after a french magazine published topless photos of kate middleton. they were taken last week while they were on vacation in france. they are in the middle of a nine-day tour in asia. they are saddened their privacy was invaded. ktvu news has learned millions of toilets are being recalled because they are at risk of exploding. the toilets were installed with a defective pressure system made by the flush mate company. they were manufactured between 1997 and twilight. they have free repair kits that homeowners have to install but many say the instructions are so hard to follow they have to
5:57 am
hire a plumber. homeowners also say the repair kits do nothing to fix another problem they are experiencing leaking tanks. an tern from danville -- an attorney from danville has filed a class action lawsuit. >> this repair kit is not designed to fix the defect. it's a collateral damage kit. >> flush mate has no comment on the lawsuit. the u.s. consumer product safety commission has received 300 complaints of the product exploding. the problem has caused at least 14 injuries and some property damage. time now 5:53. let's check in with sal. what is happening there on 280 >> we are looking at it dave and pam. 280 in the san jose area has been nice and mild. also on the sunol grade heading south from pleasanton to fremont and into the santa clara valley that looks good with no major problems. at 5:57 let's go back to steve. no let's go back to the desk.
5:58 am
>> thank you. another big day for the new iphone. why many apple customers may be disappointed in their rush to buy. also gunfire outside of a bay area school. what led to a police shooting. good morning. it looks like a little cooler for inland temps. for inland temps. we'll have those forecasted 3q finally carpet cleaning got easier. try resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone.
5:59 am
don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.

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